Artist Signup

  • Want to make money with the designs you already have?
  • Website backed by - a print on demand fulfillment company with millions of products sold and powering over 30k Shopify websites.
  • 10% flat commission rate on all products paid bi-weekly
  • Upload your designs to Dropbox or send by zip file and we will do the rest
  • Work closely with a website that recognizes your value as a partner
  • Earn extra money through art contests and by exceeding sales targets
  • Redeem reward points for custom products, art supplies, electronics and more
  • Make money doing what you love
I have partnered with to launch, a website selling designs from artists like you on a wide-range of products such as t-shirts, wall art, mousepads, towels, stickers, phone cases, pillows, and much more! teelaunch is one of the leading print-on-demand fulfillment companies online and has shipped millions of orders since 2015. teelaunch has the capacity and infrastructure to quickly fulfill tons of orders and these resources will quickly allow us to become a major force in the pop culture market. Rather than just copying what some of the big webstores have done, CuriousRebel will be very involved with the artist community and will listen to what your needs are as well as communicating our needs so that we can quickly target hot trends to make everyone more money.
I will be handling art direction and marketing for the website and the fulfillment, accounting, and payouts are handled by the staff at teelaunch. I am looking forward to the opportunities this venture presents and I would like to include your designs on the website.
For now, we ask that any art you wish to be added to the website be sent by Dropbox/OneDrive/WeTransfer or emailed in a zip file to Our support staff will add your designs to the store and you will soon be earning money from your designs. We require PNG files with transparent backgrounds with as large a file size as possible since some of the printed products can be huge (Imagine your design on a shower curtain!). If you have any special requests or limitations on your files please let me know.
We pay a flat 10% commission on all products. Commissions are paid twice a month through Paypal. Payment periods are for the 1st-15th of the month and the 16th-end of month. Payments will be made 5 days after the end of the period.
I hope to work with you soon.
Chad Prater